How to Request a Correction to your Personal Information Under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act

An individual who believes a public body has made an error or omission in recording their personal information may request that the public body that has the information in its custody or under its control to correct the information.

Within 30 days after the request is received, the head of the public body that receives the request must give written notice to the individual that the correction has been made. If the public body does not agree to making the correction requested, they must still put a note of the requested correction on or cross-referenced to the information to which the request for correction relates. If this is done, the public body must give you notice that this has been done.

You may ask the Information and Privacy Commissioner to review a decision by a public body not to make a requested correction. For how to make such a request, see “How to Request a Review under the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act”