What Can You Do if You Think That There Has Been an Improper Collection, Use or Disclosure of Your Personal Health Information

You may ask the Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC) to investigate if you believe your personal health information has been collected, used or disclosed in contravention of the Health Information Act (section 134).  It is, however, suggested that you first try to address your concerns with the health care provider.

If you have asked that a health information custodian correct your personal information and they have failed or refused to do so, you may ask the IPC to review that decision.

A request for a review of a privacy matter  under the Health Information Act must be in writing. There is a form available for this, but there is no requirement that you use the form. Provide the IPC with as much background information as you can, including the name of the custodian or health care provider involved, the date or approximate date of the incident, and why you think that your personal health information has been improperly collected, used or disclosed.

While the IPC will accept a complaint by email, she will require that the complaint be perfected by providing a letter or form with your signature.

The IPC must conduct a review of the complaint except in very narrow circumstances and prepare a report with recommendations. The health information custodian and you will both receive a copy of the report and the report will, eventually, be publicly posted. Reports will always be written in such a way as to protect the name and other personal details of the person who made the complaint.

The IPC may also initiate a review of her own accord if she becomes aware of a breach or possible breach of privacy involving personal health information through means other than an actual complaint.

There are no time limits for filing a complaint about a breach of privacy involving personal health information.

For more information about filing a complaint about a breach of privacy involving your personal health information, please contact our office.